Upto 28 days vehicle replacement

Most fully comprehensive insurance policies will pay out the current market value of your car. GAP Insurance then covers the difference between the car insurance pay out and what you originally paid or still owe on the car. If you’ve purchased a vehicle within the last 180 days or you are about to purchase a vehicle

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GAP Cover arranged by Insurance Factory ensures that you won't be left out of pocket

GAP Cover

This insurance is designed to pay you the difference between the amount paid for the insured vehicle (usually known as the ‘net invoice selling price’) and the amount your motor insurer will pay if they have declared the vehicle a total loss (usually known as the ‘market value’).

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Key Facts

Please read the Key Facts to see if you meet the eligibility requirements for this cover. The Key facts list vehicles that are not covered and the exclusions or limitations of this GAP Cover arranged by Insurance Factory.

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